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Our Descent into Communism (U.S.A.) 70
Young leftists 48
this subforum is going to be a dumpster fire 30
Current capitol storm mega thread 11
The Hypocrisy of the LEFT 🇺🇸 22
Transgender people in the military 13
The 25th Amendment and Trump: Should he? Could he? Would he? Be removed 6
Moderation is key 8
Our Ascent into Communism USA 8
The Great Reset 19
Left vs. Right 13
Mutual Aid 6
Healthcare in the US 12
? 4
We The People 🇺🇸 6
I Think I Might Be A Libertarian 10
Short and sweet 9
Support your local Antifa 6
Black Vault CIA UFO Dump 3
$15 billion grant for indie venues in US passes in stimulus 1
Libertarians Unite! 6
Fascism is Honest Socialism 4
Looking For Comrades 2
Ohio governor signs gun bill eliminating duty to retreat 2
How do we stop Blue Anon conspiracy theories? 3
Columbus, Ohio, to spend $4.5M to improve police bodycams 2
All libertarian-leaning people report here and let's... 1
Stock Craziness 2
Preferred independent media outlet(s)? 2
Mass Murders in Atlanta 2
Texas 0
Evil News Daily - Politics meets Comedy 1
All executive orders signed by biden. Educate yourselves & pray for America 0
Politics and the lack thereof 0
Nice Change from FB 0
Native Anarcharcy 0
Asians Being Attacked, Latin Street Vendors Being Attacked 1
Looking for Comrades 0
Sơn cách nhiệt và những đặc tính kỹ thuật của sơn cách nhiệt cho tường 0
my own post 0