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Everyone is talking 24/7 about the shot that Trump took, but I've never seen anyone from abroad talking about Adelio Bispo, the hero who almost saved Brazil. 0
This List is Interesting 2
Did God himself tell the Europeans to dominate? 3
Why are leftists and people from the United States so actively supporting Palestine? 6
Why did the West begin to love Leftist ideologies, communism, and socialism so much? 6
Labour just one a landslide victory in the uk election. Thoughts? 1
BOTUS (Beyonce of the United States) 0
A Marxist-Leninist and Supporting Trump? 2
Happy World Refugee Day 2024 2
i want a video of biden falling down the stairs please 1
jovenes de derecha, deben que haber mas partidos de derecha en latam como ahora en europa 0
Your opinion to Japanese empire in Meiji (1868-1912) and Taisho (1912-1926) period. 0
Flood in Countries (June 2024) 0
comedy :>) 0
We Could Be A Leftist and A Rightist at The Same Time 0
Always Remember This 0
Analyzing the difference between the simply rich and the bourgeois 1
Australian Stabbings 0
Abortions and Where to Find Them 0
Midwestern Marx and patriotic "socialism" (from blog) 2
The truth about Israel 5
"Do I Care About Politics?" 0
Happy Easter 2024 (Western) 1
Bridge of Baltimore 0
communists of spacehey 2
Do I Care About Politics? 0