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Any Astrology peeps here? 160
do you believe in ghosts/afterlife? 181
Birth Charts! 59
witchcraft 81
bad dream\odd dream that i dont know the meaning of 19
Paranormal experiences 39
Shadow People. 38
The Fork Elite 25
The Curse of Tippecanoe: Will Biden Be a Victim? 9
Sleep Paralysis 33
weird dream 5
dream meanings 11
Random scary story (Reddit) 3
What are your favorite tarot decks? 24
Weirdest dream you've ever had? 33
Have you ever had a premonition? 20
My dad died when I was 2 6
I’ll predict your future 8
[β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ]'s strange letter. 0
What is your favorite conspiracy theory? 16
Recurring dreams 18
weird dreams thread!! 15
Any Starseeds here? 8
Crazy hallucinating dude wants to kill me 3
shadow people 5
shifting 5
Do you dream in 1st or 3rd Person 18
Ghost in my mom's house 5
Strange voice comes through COD whilst on the main menu! 2
Story Time!! 0
Conspiracy Theories 11
The whistle 3
dream about 2d reality 1
Melatonin Dreams? 9
how to get into astrology? 2
If you want to start witchcraft and learn the basics.... 2
Shadow Work 1
Tell me about a dream that really messed with your head 8
CE5: Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind 1
what;s your favorite anxiety dream 12