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weird dreams thread!!

there's no single thread for sharing weird dreams so i thought i'd start one up. post your odd, unnerving, weirdly foreshadowing, whatever kind of dreams you've had that struck you as being particularly weird :))

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Reply by Shaina


well, i often have prophetic dreams but most recently 2 days before these snowstorms and power outages hit in texas, I had a dream of being in a snowstorm, in the south, with the whole town having a power outage and people struggling to stay warm and alive. hurts my heart that anyone has to go through that, and with no help from the gov of course 

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Reply by Claudette Von Tesse


Heyy and thanks for making this topic and option !!!

So speaking of weird and unsual dreams that are outside the norm... i have a dream last night which was seriously out of this world bizarre. So for reasons that are obvious i will be replacing names as the characters in my dream~

Well i started it as weird as any other,,, I was on a train that wasnt necessarily all the way put together but was still operating. Which was odd, but a lot of my dreams have partials to them; from people, to objects, to animals, etc.

Well i was on this train i assume traveling south and as i was walking around i happened upon a gent that look super familiar so i walked down this long stretch of flooring to reach him.. Well next thing i know i remember looking behind me to where the door to the neighboring cart would be and im zapped into my ex, Mitch's basement... Well mitch was no where to be found but i was walking around having this sense of familiarity but the house was actually different than the same. I was in this dimmly lit room now and im surrounded around music equipment. 

I'm trying to walk slowing in front of me cautiously to see if anyone was there and to my surprise no one was. I tried walking up the basement steps and the next thing i know i see my sister and my ex actually making out and going in on each other in the house and i was actually truly disgusted. 

So i try to run out of the house trying to hold back my vomit and i keep trying to swallow it back and down when i finally reach the door, run out onto the patio and barf my brains up... They walk outto where i am standing and they just looked at me. Almost like they were checking on me, but more so mockingly and then they just walked into the house and i was just so disgusted i gathered my witts and ran  until i came upon this park in the dark and sat on a bench... 

Someone else was walking by i suppose in the late night hours and he sat down next to me as i tried to wrap my head around what i had just seen.... I recall him trying to talk to me and we exchanged a few words before i woke up in a sweat....

None of it makes much sense and tbh those are just the major parts... there were a lot of other small details i noticed from other dreams there but none of it was worthy of writing down without prior backstory... Long story short,, I had one odd ass dream 

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Reply by Knox


Oh boy, where to begin.

I remember when I was a child, maybe 3-4 years old I had this nightmare of me falling through this white void, like endlessly falling into nothing, yet for some reason in this dream I could sense that I was falling into this grand cityscape, I couldn't see these buildings or structures but I could just feel them next to me.

Another dream I had when I was very young was this one where I was at this fork in the road, one path led to this old western town, y'know like some cowboy town but everything was yellow, the sand, the buildings, the sky everything was just yellow. And then I looked to the other path and it lead me to this dark place, along this path were nothing but strange entities that took the form of black tar like blobs moaning and groaning in pain. It was upsetting, but me being me, I didn't like the colour yellow so I walked down the path that lead me through these black blobs. At the end of the dream I just remember stopping, curling up in a fetal position and crying.

More recently, one dream I had involved a lot of shifting scenes, like one second I'm at x and another second I'm at y but I remember at the end of this dream I saw this lightbulb that was on and around it was this cage and trapped inside the cage was this large black spider that pushing it's legs through the cage, reaching out to try and escape.

I have a lot more, but I feel like I'd be writing for hours if I continued 

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Reply by vi/violet


(heads up for fellow squeamish homies, maybe don't read this lol - the imagery freaked me out for like 48 hours post-dream until i got it off my chest. i may be easier to freak out than i imagined.)

had a recent dream where one of my sharp teeth (idk the science word for it) fell out - dream context the whole tooth was not Abnormally Large but like... large enough to not plausibly fit in my mouth irl; dream teeth are just larger ig but i digress - and while one side was kinda greyed out w rot, the other side had outlines of multiple smaller teeth inside it. all these 'dead' teeth inside a bigger tooth; they could've had the potential to replace the former one but didn't and stayed inside the teeth-tooth forever lmao

i feel like amateur dream analysts would have a field day w this one

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Reply by Newtype


Oh god lmao where to even tackle with this one

Had a dream once where I was trapped in a never ending Little Ceasers: Every Door I took lead me back to the same Little Ceasers save some different design choices or length. I could eat, drink, whatever was there at the Little Ceasers. However, I was constantly on the run from something. Everytime it drew closer I could hear what sounded like basically someone bashing their head on a piano, I could always outrun it but dear lord when it was near by, you could hear and feel its presence

And what was that, you may ask?

A floating, Mets baseball cap

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Reply by moss


I've had a lot of weird dreams but the ones that upset me the most have to do with maggots inside mine or a loved one's body (once i dreamt my teeth were rotten and full of maggots; in another dream i was forced to cut off my boyfriend's head and instead of blood his neck was full of maggots; another time i dreamt of biting an apple and it was full of maggots...) idk what the meaning of maggots is but these dreams were a bit upsetting

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Reply by Kori


How about a dream that affected you in reality? :0

I used to have sleep paralysis as a kid, one of my reoccurring dreams was a big black wolf with red eyes that would chase me, i was able to open my eyes but it was still there. 

That wasn't as bad, though, as the time it finally almost got me.
I was staying the night at one of moms mom's friends houses,

I dreamt I was in an old junk yard, everything was black and white and i was being chased while this thing was leaping from mound to mound of old cars and parts, i saw a bright yellow school bus and ran to it, right as i was climbing in the emergency door, the wolf reached out to grab me, i felt its claws scrape my back, and then i woke up. 
Fully awake, not dreaming anymore, my mom was sitting on the couch, i was laying in a recliner, i sat up and it felt like my back was burning so i asked mom to look at it and i SHIT YOU NOT, i had 3 parallel scratches on my back that looked like an animal had scraped its claws on me. 
I told my mom about the dream and we got all our stuff and left to my grandmas. 

She also had a dream about that wolf, way before that incident happened. She said that it climbed on top of her chest and she felt like she was suffocating, she said it was screaming in her face in many voices, and then she said she started praying to god to make it go away and all of a sudden, she started chanting in a language she didn't understand but said it sounded like arabic, whatever she said made the wolf run off and then she woke up. My dad had moved from the bed into the living room to sleep, my mom asked him why he did that and he said he heard her speaking tongues and it freaked him out. 

I think it was more than a dream tbh, my dad was an alcoholic and always talked about hearing voices and having demons around him, once she left him and we moved back home to kentucky, the dreams stopped. 

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