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Ghost in my mom's house

my mom saw (what we think is) a ghost in her house the other night. it was like a glowing silhouette of a woman's face on the dog door in the basement, but theres no light down there cause the power was out. weve suspected that the house is haunted for years, but weve never seen a physical apparition before. anyone got any ideas on what it could be (ghost or not) or any similar experiences?

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Reply by Ken


It could be an optical illusion caused by some unknown factor...

or it could very well be a ghost.

I am curious if you've encountered anything else that would give you the impression of a haunting.

would recommend taking down a full description of what this apparition
looked like.  From there I would research not only the history of the
house, but of the property and the surrounding area.  It could give you
clues as to what you are dealing with.  You may even be able to identify
the person.

If nothing in your house seems malevolent, its probably nothing to be too concerned about.  You mentioned that you thought it was haunted for years.  If nothing terrible has happened then you're probably good.  Ghosts range from malevolent to benevolent with a vast mid-section of aloof voyeurs.  They're like analog internet stalkers who know where you live but can't do anything about it.

you are concerned you can always contact a medium.  Just make sure the
person is well-respected.  Some of them have a true gift.  Others are
totally nuts. 

You can also have the house blessed by a member of the clergy.

I hope that can be of use.

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Reply by Roxy


Ken, thanks for your reply! Something I didn't put in the original post is that our dog died a little over a year ago, and we've tried to foster an environment that she feels comfortable and welcome to come visit. I'd wondered if it was her, since it was on the dog door, but I'm not sure.

I'll pass your suggestions onto my mom, I'm sure she'll appreciate it!

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