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College Life 98
What’s your major? 52
Sorority Girls xD 4
Any self-learners here? 20
Any other Pre-vet/Techs/Veterinary students? 10
Essay help 4
Essay and research paper examples for students 5
Medical School peeps? 3
Grad students? 9
Starting University 6
what university do yall go to 7
Writing services for students that can save your time 6
any students studying in zoom here? 5
The late night hangout 1
how's everyone doing now that online school is over? 8
Effective Steps to Boost Your Academic Productivity. 3
Are college kids that busy? 10
STEM Students? 9
UK Dissertation Writing Help Online Professionals 3
I miss spring break already + look towards summer? 1
Cgmp Certification 1
yes this is a shitpost...but it's also true 🀣 2
Highschool Senors 1
School 2
any IT/Media college students? :p 2
uni students!! (uk) 1
Recording Technology or Audio Engineering students here? 2
studying 3
Anyone from Penn State? πŸ’™πŸ¦ 1
kjhgftfyghjk 1
algebra 2
How do you know when grad school is the decision you should make? 2
do you ever just... 1
Universities/Colleges 2
uni students! 2
high school exams 2
High school freshman 1
A+P 0
The Benefits of Taking a Medical Ethics Course For Doctors 0
Groups by State 0
Dental Assisting Students 0