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any students studying in zoom here?

what grade are u?

do u prefer studying in zoom or in class?

did ur scores go up or down due to covid?

thx for replying :)

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Reply by rebecca ☀☼


i'm a senior in college, but yes, I did end up with a semester and a half of solely classes on zoom.
fall 2020, I had one class on campus, so I felt a little more like I was "at school"
my grades did drop for the semester(s) that we were solely on zoom. It's harder to pay attention, and somehow I was more exhausted.

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Reply by Kylie


Ever since my junior year of highschool and now going into my freshman year of college has mostly been on zoom or google meet for me. Surprisingly, my grades actually went up when everything went online, I think it helped a lot having my own environment to study in and having my own schedule to do things with.

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Reply by Elizabeth Greene



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Reply by candymika


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