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Pulp Fiction is the best Movie of all Time - Change my Mind 60
best tv show you watched? 229
Anime 108
What's your favorite horror movie? 169
Favorite Anime? 106
Favorite Movies? 62
Why I don't like streaming services (rant) 15
Horror Movies 24
Opinions on these TV shows 29
EARLY 2000s CARTOONZ!!! 40
Welcome 2 Degrassi 35
Youtube channel subscribers 15
If you could cast 5 actors/actresses in a movie (living or dead) together who would it would it be? 10
so the mandalorian huh 10
Any Trekkies on here? 23
Netflix Originals 13
Best Animated TV Show and/or Movie? 30
Cult horror recommendations 17
#freebritney + 1st ever forum topic post 6
Any Voltron Fans Here ? 11
Doctor Who 21
Favorite Christmas movie or Christmas episode of a tv show 18
foreign films 9
What we do in the Shadows fans?! πŸ¦‡ 15
Late to the Twilight bandwagon, but here I am 17
what is best star war 9
The O.C. 8
Any Total Drama fans here? If so, favorite character? 12
my little pony thread! 16
Are you LGBT+ and love horror?? 7
Loki Fans? 6
What are some good childhood movies you remember growing up in the 2000s? 6
Old Reality TV Show Fans? (The Simple Life, Rock of Love, Flavor of Love...) 11
WandaVision Discussion (WARNING SPOILERS WITHIN) 4
Physical Media Collectors ? 10
Anime watch list 5
Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 13 5
Movie Suggestions!!!!! 9
favorite animated movies 12
Favorite animes 11
What films are you looking forward to most in 2021? 4