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Chaos/Discordianism 0
Discussing Stoicism 0
any other witches here? 3
When something goes terribly wrong in your life, where do you turn for comfort or answers? 5
Anyone into Jonathan Pageau and the Traditional Symbolism part of YouTube? 0
Bruh not gonna life the pope at my church looks at the choir boys a little wierdly. the holy bible definitely isn't the the only thing in his pants if you know what I mean AYOOOOO anywa... 1
Jesus Is Love 2
any jews ? ^_^ 1
mihoy minoy meh 4
How to protect yourself from witchcraft. 1
miku miku 0
What is your relationship with God like? 2
esotericism: where to start? 1
Can science and religion ever co-exist? 4
Why are there so many religions if there is only one god? 11
do you believe in the power of energy? 1
What do you think happens when atheists/agnostics pass away 5
What happens after death? 2
What do you guys think of games with murder like Doom, from a religious point of view? 3
Pastafarian? 1
Hellenism (Hellenic polytheism/Paganism) 0
Any Shias here? 0
What are your opinions on Muslims and the Islam religion? 0
Making your own religion? 2
why is religion and philosophy paired together 5
About religions. (First of all, I'm sorry, I had to get help from google translate to write this article, I don't have a good English, I'm sorry if I'm wrong.) 1