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Bullet Journaling anyone?

Not sure if this is exactly the right category but it seemed appropriate (ish)

Anyone else in here a bullet journaler?
I discovered the system about 2 years ago and I would be loooost without it!

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Reply by vomitboy


just started one this year. so far it's been helpful! i love the freedom and creativity that comes with it. ive tried different kinds of planners before, so far bullet journaling has helped me be the most consistent and productive but we'll see how the rest of the month and the year goes lol.

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Reply by Heather LM


I have done this off and on for about 4 years. I'm really struggling now to get back into it. I absolutely love it though, always end up doing spreads and then not actually utilizing what I've done, or the week ends before I've even fully finished my spread. I hope more people join in on this. I wanna feel inspired to actually commit to bullet journaling. 

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Reply by Ellyist


I love it! When I first started out, I had this not-at-all portable or convenient collection of highlighters, metallic pens and washi tape. Now I'm fine with going minimalist: Calendex, future log, calendar, monthly activity tracker, monthly habit tracker, monthly budget tracker, and that's all I need for the setup. The meal trackers, I eventually stopped using. I also began to separate my artistic corner doodles from the more minimalist utilitarian journaling...which is a good thing, I feel it suits me, having my sketchbook dedicated to just art even small ones and the bujo for everything else.  

I should really make a collection for getting around to fiction writing already: researching, outlining, and then writing it out, on a gauge and on a schedule that I can stick with. 

Daily logging, I think Ryder Carroll calls it rapid logging? That's taken some getting used to but those have been so helpful. 

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