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Posted by GRIFFEN


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for computer and other device themes, check here

Hi! Two things!

1: I'm taking suggestions, I love suggestions!

2: There are a few links to userstyles.org on here, if a theme sends you there please search for the theme on this website instead.


Stylus (chrome, firefox, pale-moon alternative)
Tampermonkey (the pale-moon alternative)


Bitview (2010 revival)

yt2009 (late 2009-early 2010 frontend, learn more here)

Cleantalk (2005 frontend)

Classictube (early 2005 frontend)

Youtube05 (very early 2005 revival)

Kamtape (2005 revival)

ExternalTube (2005-2009 frontend*)

Goldentube (2006 frontend)

V3 (Vorapis 2013) (2013 youtube)

Rehike (2016 frontend, needs to be setup)

EraCast (2012 revival)

NewPipe (2017 mobile app)

3gpipe (2010 mobile site)

TubeFixer (guide) (iOS 3-6 mobile app patch)

OLD YOUTUBE FUCK YOU (2005 theme for the yewtu.be instance of invidious)

Youtube late 2009/early 2010 theme for YewTube

Customtube (2008-2019) (2012 fixes)

7kttube (2016 script)

Cosmic Cat (2012 script)

Youtube 2011 for Cosmic Cat

Youtube Early 2013 RESTORED! (cosmic panda theme for rehike)

YouTube 2013 RESTORED! (For Rehike) (Brazilian/Portuguese translation)

Youtube 2014 RESTORED! (late 2014 theme for rehike)

TubeK15 (2015 theme for rehike)

7kt Plus (2015 theme for 7kttube)

StarTube13 (more accurate watch8 for V3, also has option for watch9)
YouTube "Hitchhiker" 2014 Dark RESTORED! (old youtube userstyle ported to V3)
Epic Panda for V3 (early 2013 theme for V3)

EraCast epic panda theme (early 2013 theme for EraCast)


Youtube Theme For Bitview

Youtube Mobile - Old Design (2013-2022)

Classic youtube player (2009 player)

youtube 2010-2011 html5 video player
2012 HTML5 Player (2011-2014 player)

Old Youtube Player (Flash) fixed (2014 player)

7kttube (2016)

YouTube Uploader Classic (PRIMARILY FOR USE WITH UPCOMING YT2009 FRONTEND). (late 2009/early 2010 uploader for youtube)

2016 youtube studio userstyle

Youtube Mobile - Old Design (Userstyle for m.youtube.com)

YouTube Late 2017-Mid 2019 Polymer Colors

YouTube Early 2018 Material Layout

late 2015 - early 2016 player icons

AdashimaaTube (2021)

YouTube Player Classicifier (2017, use to make other player themes work better)

2015-2016 icons for youtube player classicifier

YouTube upload date (restores the upload date)

Youtube Proper Description
Youtube shorts redirect
Recreate old YouTube Footer!

Return Youtube Dislikes (Chrome/Firefox)


Blips.club (2009 revival) (2007 theme)

Bwitter (2007 revival)

Owler (2007 revival) (2006 theme)

Africa2 (late 2006 revival)


GoodTwitter2 (2016)

OldTwitter (2014-2016)

2020 - Twitter 2013 style

Classic Twitter (2008-2011)

De-rounding twitter
Reigning in the new Twitter UI

old twitter tweet buttons (2010-2021 tweet button embed)
2011 Twitter for Mastodon


any "reddit to old reddit" extension or script
Classic Reddit
Old Snoo

Reddit Classic (2006 reddit, different from Classic Reddit)

Roblox 2008 look
(requires BTRoblox)
Roblox 2010 style (requires BTRoblox)
Roblox 2008-2011 theme (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011)

ROBLOX 2011 Classic (2011 roblox theme)


Roblox 2013 UI RECREATION (Beta)
Roblox 2014

2014-esque Roblox
ROBLOX 2016 - a theme to mimic 2016
ROBLOX 2016 Avatar Editor Reconstruct
ROBLOX 2016 Sign Up Page Reconstruct (Read Desc)

Roblox in 2018

Roblox Legacy Old Theme (2015-2019)
Old Roblox Font (SourceSansPro)
2011 Roblox Blog (despite saying 2011, the look also works for 2010-2008)

haydz6 (roblox blog archives)

Legacy Roblox Wiki (2012 wiki remake)

Pre-Metaverse Styled Texture Pack (2015-2017) (texture packs need replaced every time roblox updates)

Roblox 2006 Texture pack

Roblox 2012 textures for 2021

"Oof" Death Sound Restored

2013 Pack

RO2016 (2016-2018)

RetroStudio (2009-2015)

Super Nostalgia Zone (2008)

FWM (2006-2007)

Dynamite Blocks! (2005)

ROBLOX 2012 - BRICK HILL (2012 roblox theme for brick hill)

ROBLOX 2013 - Brick Hill (2013 roblox theme for brick hill)

Novetus (old roblox client launcher) (host servers with this)


Revert to Google's Old 2012-2015 Favicon (google 2012-2015 favicon)

Gmail 2014

Google Docs 2010-11 Rewritten

2010 Google! (FIXED Edition also read notes) (2010 theme)

google2009 (2009 theme)

Return Pagination to Google

Gplex - Old Google Frontend (2011-2018 theme)

oldgoogle (1998, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2002 with a userstyle)

vanced (2000, 2001, 2002, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015)

google2002 (just a homepage)

searx.be - Google 2009 theme

StartGoogle (Google 2012-2018 theme for Startpage.com)

Firefox Start Page Reproduction (2005-2009)

Loogle (Google+ revival)


Change Wikipedia Style (Monobook is 2004-2010) (you can just change the skins without this if you're signed in)

2001 wikipedia


DeviantArt Classic

DeviantArt V7 (pre eclipse)

DeviantArt - V7 Style Header

DeviantArt - V7 Style Profile Page

DeviantArt - V5 Style Profile Page

DeviantArt - 2000 Style Profile Page

DeviantArt - V7 Folder Buttons with Thumbnail

DeviantArt - V7 Folder Buttons

DeviantArt - V7 Error Message Page

DeviantArt - V6 Cornered Style Forum/Group

DeviantArt - Better Log In Screen

buzzly - deviantART V7


Steam in 2007

STEAM 2011

2014-esque STEAM

SFP (reenables steam skins)

OG-Steam-Library (steam 2003 skin)

2013 inspired steam library (2013 steam skin)

stmsrvemu (2003-2011 steam client)


Tumblr 2009 Overlay (requires dashboard unfucker)

GPOY Theme (early 2010s tumblr dashboard tumblr profile)

Redux (early 2010s tumblr profile)

Fold (2007 tumblr profile)

Minimalist (2006 tumblr profile)

YourSpace (early 2000s myspace tumblr profile)

BootStrap for Tumblr (early 2010s twitter tumblr profile)

Tumblook (early 2010s facebook tumblr profile)

Facebook theme for Tumblr (mid 2010s facebook profile tumblr profile)

Spacehey (2005 theme) (2009 theme)

Spacemy (MySpace 2008)

AnySpace (open source 2005 MySpace)

OpenVK (old VK, looks like facebook 2006)

vk 2011

VK 2016-2020 | ВКонтакте 2016-2020

Mbasic Facebook (older looking layout, still regular facebook. use with this)

2013 Facebook Layout

Offline (2007 facebook)

Newgrounds 2004
Newgrounds - Pico & Friends Voting Icons (you only need the Pico icons)
RemoveSupporterPfp (for Newgrounds)

Newgrounds 2015

Newgrounds 2017

InsaneJournal (livejournal)
Dreamwidth (livejournal)

classic blogger bar(experimental functionality)

img09 (2009 imgur frontend)

Angiru (Orkut)

Instagram 2014

Instamaterial (instagram 2014 app)

LegacyIGN (old Instagram private server)

oldyahoo (Yahoo, 2012 and 2013)

Ytoo! (2003 yahoo)

bingbinngo (old Bing theme for DuckDuckGo)

Waosen (2009 bing)


Windows Live Search Revival

oldfirefoxstart (firefox 3.6 homepage)

OneCare Rewritten (Windows Live OneCare)

eBay Classic

Amazon Classic

Godaddy Classic

RABB.IT THEME FOR HYPERBEAM (2017 rabb.it theme)

SkeuoCord (Discord)
DTM-08 (Basically the same as SkeuoCord, except this one has round PFPs)
DTM-16 (Discord 2016)

DTM-18 (2018 discord)

OLDCORD (2015-2016 discord)

Hummus (2017 discord)

Ripcord (alternative discord/slack client, looks more "old web" to me)

iOS Discord Classic (discord client for iOS 5-6)

AeroChat (Windows Live Messenger 9 client for Discord)

dlm7 (MSN Explorer 10 theme for Discord)

Escargot (MSN)

OMessager (another MSN)

Miranda NG (Miranda IM)

AOLEmu (another AOL)
Runningman Network (another AOL)

Nina (Q-Link, Classic AOL, AOL IM, ICQ, and Yahoo Messenger)

pfire (Emulated XFire server)

xfyre (another Xfire server)

Classic Skype

ReSkype (PS Vita)

PintoIM (Skype IM 0.9.7)

Outlook 2003

old Yahoo Email (basic html)

old AOL Email (basic html)

Hotmail Retro 2002 (Changes Outlook to Hotmail from 2002)

Outlook Basic HTML

ESPN Classic

dreamcast-talk.com Classic




UESP 2011

Fanfiction.Net Classic

Fanfiction.net Classic (Post-2007)

FANFICTION.NET THEME FOR AO3 (old FanFiction.Net theme for AO3)

One Point Faux (old AO3 skin)


GameFAQs Classic


smashdojo.neocities (Smash Dojo recreation)

WiiLink24 (Wii Channels)

WiiLink WFC (Nintendo Wifi Connection revival for Wii)

RiiConnect24 (Nintendo Wifi Connection revival for Wii)

Open Shop Channel (Wii Shop Channel revival)

Wiimmfi (Nintendo Wifi Connection revival for Wii, DS)

Pretendo (Nintendo Network revival for Wii U, 3DS)

Ghost eShop 3DS BETA (Nintendo 3DS eShop revival)

Insignia (Classic Xbox Live revival)

SatellaZone (Nintendo Zone revival)

SpotPass Archival Project

Community OUYA API server (Ouya servers)

xBand revival (SNES and Genesis WIFI)

Randnet+ (Nintendo 64 DD WIFI)

Dreamcast Live (Dreamcast WIFI)

333networks (GameSpy Revival)

OpenSpy (other GameSpy Revival)

Sonic Runners Revival

Project Beacon (LBP1-3/LBPVita online features)


pkmnclassic (Pokemon focused Wiimmfi, basically)

entralinked (game sync functionality for gen 5 of Pokemon)

rverse (Miiverse Revival)

Sudomemo (Flipnote Hatena)

Kaerutomo (Miitomo revival)

Kaeru Duel (Pokemon Duel)

Kaeru Gallery (Flipnote 3DS)

Kaeru WFC (Nintendo Wifi Connection revival for DS)

Skelux (list of archived nintendo flash websites/games)

cometobservatory (recreations of Super Mario Galaxy/Super Mario Galaxy 2's websites)

Ruffle (Flash Emulator for browsers)
Flash Projector (for the stuff that ruffle wont play)
Toontown Rewritten (old toontown)

Toontown: Corporate Clash (other old toontown)

Toontastic (other old toontown)

Toontown Archive (various versions of Toontown)

Old School RuneScape

Vidyascape (another old RuneScape)

Open RuneScape Classic (older RuneScape)

2004Scape (2004 RuneScape)

2009scape (RuneScape 2 remake)

HDOS (2009-2011 theme for Old School RuneScape)


Darkan (late 2012 RuneScape)

Club Penguin Legacy (biggest Club Penguin revival that i know of)

New Club Penguin (Club Penguin)

The Club Penguin Experience (2006 Club Penguin)

CPJourney (2010 Club Penguin, second biggest Club Penguin revival that i know about)

Club Penguin Imagined

Waddle Penguins Island (Club Penguin Island remake)

Nicktropolis Timewarp (Nicktropolis remake)

Moshi Monsters Rewritten

The Legend of Pirates Online

OpenFusion (FusionFall revival)

We the Pixies (Pixie Hollow Revival)

StyleDollz (DollzMania Remake)

Neopets Classic

Leopets (better Neopets classic)

Grundo's Cafe (another Neopets classic)

virtu.pet (another Neopets classic)

Levianthan Myth.com - Classic 2008

VMK legacy (Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom Remake)

Habbo.bz (Habbo Hotel 2006)

panfu.us (Panfu revival)

Bin Weevils Rewritten (Bin Weevils revival)

C&C:Online Launcher
(Command & Conquer: Generals / Zero Hour, Command & Conquer 3:
Tiberium Wars / Kane's Wrath, and Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

T3A:Online Launcher (Battle for Middle-earth and Battle for Middle-earth II / The Rise of the Witch-king servers)

LPSO Revived! (not out yet)

Destination Home Online (Playstation Home revival, in closed beta)

Barbie Girls Rewritten

YoWorld (YoVille revival)

The Social Wars preservation project

The Social Empires preservation project

Pet Pals (Pet Society revival)

Cybertown Revival

SuperTux Classic (SuperTux 0.1.0-0.1.4 remake)

Angry birds Chrome remake

Angry Birds Fight: Reboot

MabiPro (2008 mabinogi)

MapleLegends (old MapleStory)

DragonBall Online Global (DragonBall Online revival)

DBOUniverse Revalations (DragonBall Online revival)

Project 1999 (1999-2001 EverQuest)

Whitemane (Wrath of the Lich King (2008)/Cataclysm (2010) WoW servers)

OpenFK (open source U.B. Funkeys revival)

Mobsters United (old MySpace game)

oldsu! (2009 osu!)

Cool Math Classic

Voobly (MSN Gaming Zone)

Andkon Arcade: 1000+ Free Flash Games (flash game website)

Friv Reborn (classic friv)

Friv Legend (classic friv without flash)


FlashArch (flashpoint in browser)

SpongeBob Flash Games Archive

Betacraft (old minecraft launcher/server)

AlphaPlace (minecraft beta 1.1_02 server)

AlwaysAlpha (minecraft alpha 1.2.6 server)

Golden Days (minecraft beta/alpha texture pack)
Nostalgic Tweaks (old minecraft mod)
Beta Continuum (minecraft beta texture pack)
No Hunger Bar Overlay (minecraft alpha didn't have a hunger bar)
Vanilla Deluxe: Legacy Console UI (old Minecraft Console UI for Bedrock 1.19.50)

Modern Beta (old minecraft world generation) (Requires Fabric API)

Custom Fog (old minecraft fog) (Requires Fabric API)

Custom Stars (old minecraft stars) (Requires Fabric API and Cloth Config)

Custom Void (old minecraft void) (Requires Fabric API and Cloth Config)

Serpo's Console (old minecraft console edition for java)

Legacy Console Nostalgia (old minecraft console edition for java)

OLauncher (old minecraft launcher)

oldminecraft (old minecraft website)

Classic Planet Minecraft

Time Travel: Old and Retro (old Terraria texture pack)

TERRARIA ONLINE WIKI THEME (2011 Terraria Wiki theme)

My 2000's TV! (2000s TV, goes all the way back to the 50s)

Toonami Aftermath (same concept, just Toonami)

WebTV Redialed (WebTV revival)

minisrv (WebTV revival)

KISSANIME THEME FOR ANIWAVE (2013 KissAnime theme for Aniwave)

Pandora Classic (2015)

WACUP (old Winamp)

PicMix (blingee)


Scratch Addons (chrome/firefox) (tut to make scratch 3 Look Like scratch 2) (tut for Scratch 3 look like Scratch 1.4 (almost)

Scratch 2.1

Scratch 3.0 to Scratch 2.0 WORKING

FlashThemes (2011 GoAnimate)

GoAnimate for Schools remastered

Wrapper Offline (GoAnimate remake)

2006 quizlet

Retro Brawl (2018 brawl Stars)

OldClash (old clash of clans)

LEGO Island Decompilation

Garfield+ (Garfield 2004 mod, adds windows 11 support)

rebble (Pebble services)

Jackie Chan Movie Website Archives (Police Story 3: Supercop (1996), Legend of The Drunken Master (2000), Twin Dragons (1999), Thunderbolt (1995), Operation Condor (1997))

Salt Lake 2002 website archive

MyCoke Music Mixer Recreation

DoBeDo revival

Old Homestar Runner

Frogfind (displays everything you search in basic HTML, apparently looks "late 90s")


literally every other website:

Wayback Proxy (less work for more websites covered, obviously only uses wayback archives so it's way less functional)


Redirector (chrome, firefox, pale-moon alternative)

Wayback Machine - toolbar toggler
Wayback Machine Image Fixer


Protoweb (late 90s early 00s proxy thing)

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Reply by karokazu


very good. Hope to see this get updated more as time goes on

Report Reply

Reply by GRIFFEN


thank you! i will update it when i find new things or when people send me stuff

Report Reply

Reply by ntrr33


7kttube isn't something i knew i needed until now. thanks for compiling all of these!

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Reply by halalbrah


Reply by Rod


 This is so cool!!!

Here are some stuff to add in this list:

Tubek12(2012 style with customizable settings):https://userstyles.world/style/5130/tubek12-2012-youtube-recreation

Roblox 2011 with different themes:






2010 Google:https://userstyles.world/style/5356/2010-google-better-edition

Watch10 reconstruct:https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/445015-youtube-watch-page-fix

YouTube 3.0 to 2.0(mid 2011 style for cosmic cat):https://uso.kkx.one/style/80923

YouTube patch collection:https://github.com/aubymori/YouTubePatchCollection

Report Reply

Reply by GRIFFEN


i did Tubek12 and Google 2010, but one of the roblox 2011 themes already comes with seasons (i think its the all-in-one one), thanks!

Report Reply

Reply by Rod


I have found more old themes for websites!!!:

Youtube 2011-2012 html player:https://uso.kkx.one/style/162809


Youtube 2012-2015 player:https://userstyles.world/style/6866/2012-to-2015-html-5-player-but-i-modified-it-once-again

YT player classicifier:https://github.com/YukisCoffee/yt-player-classicifier/blob/main/yt_player_classicifier.user.css

Youtube revert 3.0 to 2.0(mid 2011 style for cosmic cat):https://uso.kkx.one/style/80923

Late 2015-early 2016 yt player icons:https://userstyles.world/style/6127/late-2015-early-2016-player-icons

Youtube early 2018 material layout:https://userstyles.world/style/5606/youtube-early-2018-material-layout

YouTube 2017 polymer colors:https://userstyles.world/style/6312/youtube-late-2017-mid-2019-polymer-colors

YT player classicifier(restores old youtube player menus):https://github.com/YukisCoffee/yt-player-classicifier

2019 roblox theme:https://userstyles.world/style/5399/roblox-2019-old-theme

2018 roblox logo(roblox changed their logo to a new one):https://userstyles.world/style/6343/2018-2022-roblox-logo

Report Reply

Reply by GRIFFEN


thanks again! added some of the things i felt like were needed

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Reply by Trixity


 vidili has gore being uploaded on it, I say you should replace it with bitview or something for the moment

Report Reply

Reply by Quentin


You should add this


good 2014-2016 twitter theme

Report Reply

Reply by GRIFFEN


added OldTwitter! also, i get that vidlii sucks, but its not so much better from Bitview and the bitview uploader is just forever broken, i'll kick vidlii out once there's something better to replace it

Report Reply

Reply by rookie ☆


super cool post! currently using the twitter, youtube and roblox fixes, and they work really well!

but for some reason, the favicon switcher addon doesnt seem to work? im not sure if its just me being dumb, but i put in 'www.roblox.com', put in the image (even found a website that makes any image you upload into a favicon for that xD), but it doesnt do anything. it just removed the favicon.. im on firefox, btw

Report Reply

Reply by GRIFFEN


favicon switcher is really REALLY buggy, and only sometimes works and sometimes it takes a while to make any changes, it's the only option so sorry it sucks

Report Reply

Reply by Quentin


Old Icons Restorer for 7kttube


This fixes a few bugs in 7kttube (ex: the 2 like bars issue, the dislike button being in a different font, the colors for like and dislike being too light, etc.)

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Reply by Epic_Gamer_Pokémon_Ranger


Not sure if this fits the list, but have you considered adding the Poké Classic Network? It's a place that allows users to use the internet services with Gens IV and V using a DNS exploit. I trade on there occasionally. Link: https://pkmnclassic.net/

It turns out there's a ton of Gen IV and V services beyond trading and battling that are supported too! This is the best way to get ahold of a different language Ditto if you want to shiny hunt with the Masuda Method.

Getting your 3DS set up to do Gen IV trading is kind of annoying, but I'm thinking of writing up a guide myself...

Report Reply

Reply by GRIFFEN


added ! (also the 7kttube one, i just forgot to mention it when i added it)

Report Reply

Reply by Quentin


bwitter shut down not too long ago, you should probably remove it

Report Reply

Reply by GRIFFEN


i talked to the person who owns bwitter, they just forgot to pay for the domain

Report Reply

Reply by Quentin


Reply by Quentin


They just said this in the bwitter discord

Report Reply

Reply by GRIFFEN


i guess i'm wrong, i'll kick it out until it comes back (if it does)

Report Reply

Reply by karokazu


You should add mabi.pro, it's an old-school private server for the anime MMO Mabinogi

Report Reply

Reply by GRIFFEN


thanks! will do

Report Reply

Reply by flycel ☣


when is bwitter coming back?? I heard the domain owner forgot to pay so 

Report Reply

Reply by GRIFFEN


Bwitter.me was abandoned, but if you want to rehost it the domain is 12 dollars and the source is on github

Report Reply

Reply by GRIFFEN


it's already on here, but thanks for letting me know about blips

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Reply by chintrola2098


hello, is there any extension that can be used to recover the old google design?

Report Reply

Reply by GRIFFEN


if you want the old chrome browser theme back, you should probably look to my other forum post linked above. If none of those browser options work for you, you can always look for one (i know one exist, i just forgot what it's called)

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Reply by Spark Darkrav


OG Steam is not working, Help.

Report Reply

Reply by GRIFFEN


what exactly is broken? what skin and how is it broken

Report Reply

Reply by Spark Darkrav


this skin https://github.com/ungstein/OG-Steam

i try to put the folder in the steam skin folder and it does not show up, is there a tutorial for this problem?

Report Reply

Reply by GRIFFEN


you have to download it from the releases instead. dont worry since i also didnt get it initially

Report Reply

Reply by Spark Darkrav


i did got it from the releases but thx for help :)

Report Reply

Reply by GRIFFEN


weird! if you're still having issues please go check out a video on how to install and use steam skins, that skin works for me so i dont know what's up with yours

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Reply by VKNIGHT


Hey there guys. I created a userstyle for eBay that brings back the old logo, gets rid of all the modern advertisements on the homepage, and just cleans it up overall. If anybody has any suggestions to improve it I would appreciate it :). Here it is: https://userstyles.world/style/7654/ebay-classic

Report Reply

Reply by GRIFFEN


woah! first time someone tried to bring a theme like this to a store, very glad it exist, thanks for sharing!

Report Reply

Reply by Spark Darkrav


ok it work now thx

Report Reply

Reply by GRIFFEN


glad to hear you got it working! sorry for not being able to help that much

Report Reply

Reply by Spark Darkrav


it alright

Report Reply

Reply by GRIFFEN


i hope you like them!

Report Reply

Reply by yyyyy



Report Reply

Reply by GRIFFEN



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Reply by VKNIGHT


Hey there guys. I hope I am not spamming this thread, but I created another classic theme. This time it is for the domain hosting site: GoDaddy (https://userstyles.world/style/7701/godaddy-classic). This one may be a little more screwy than the eBay theme, but I'm happy I got a very accurate classic homepage (Even moreso if you use the favicon changer with this icon: https://web.archive.org/web/20120302083526im_/http://img1.wsimg.com/assets/godaddy.ico). Would appreciate ideas on how to improve it :).

Report Reply

Reply by GRIFFEN


hey vknight, with the stuff you're sending being so good it's hard to say you're spamming, thank you very much!

Report Reply

Reply by Pvzguy123


Life saver

Report Reply

Reply by GRIFFEN


glad to help

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Reply by VKNIGHT


Hey there guys. I have created two more classic themes, and was hoping I could post them here. 

Firstly is Cool Math Classic. Cool Math is a flash game website that I used during my late high school to early University days and thought it would be neat to bring back its' 2012 layout. My theme brings back the old logo, headers, fonts, colors, margins, and got dang close to the original on the game page (Can be located here: https://userstyles.world/style/7782/cool-math-classic). 

Secondly is Dreamcast-Talk Classic which reverts the website to its' 2008 layout. This is a more niche website (A forum which I browse pertaining to the Sega Dreamcast game console), however I wanted to share it for the purposes of using as a template for converting PHPbb3 websites into ones that more resemble 2.x or 1.x (Theme can be located here: https://userstyles.world/style/7726/dreamcast-talk-classic).

As an aside I also recommend Yahoo Japan as an alternative for Yahoo as it still uses the old logo (In the future I plan on making a userstyle for it that makes it more resemble 2007 Yahoo). Let me know how I can improve these!

Report Reply

Reply by GRIFFEN


added! thank you for being the only person to make good classic userstyles anymore

Report Reply

Reply by GRIFFEN


yeah these are just advertisements, please stay far away from me

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Reply by VKNIGHT


Hey there guys. I have created another classic theme this time for the shopping website Amazon. Amazon Classic reverts the website to its' 2012 design (2011 and prior is just too difficult to get accurate without the ability to add HTML elements unless I'm missing something). I am really happy that this theme turned out how it did (The header was surprisingly the hardest portion to get right alongside the buttons). The theme may be located here: https://userstyles.world/style/7893/amazon-classic

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