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Asians Being Attacked, Latin Street Vendors Being Attacked

Trump demonized both groups for years, and for the past year it's been a trend to attack and kill us. The man's out of office, but violence is the gift that keeps on giving.

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As the world watches on holding its breath -- there are signs everywhere of events unfolding. The pandemic was but a catalyst of an existing problem.

Spaces such as New York City are heard to be increasing in intensity of these hate crimes. Spaces which, according to electoral vote counts, seem at odds with the pro-Trump narrative; if it is actually city residents responsible...

Leadership and community peer support is needed now more than ever. Sadly the leaders cannot be counted on to do the right thing. The 'solution' of adding more police rather than addressing the actual problems isn't anywhere near an effective salve for the situation.

Getting needs met, caring for vulnerable communities, protecting, healing, feeding, caring; is going to need to come from already stretched grassroots sources. It will take more than even time/money donations.

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