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Posted by Floki


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Hey guys I just wanted to get in touch with some of ya'll who fix heavy equipment/machinery. I currently work in the automotive field, and i have SOME experience working on diesel. But i really want to try to get into the heavy equipment side of this work. And to obtain some knowledge on what i need to do to get my foot in the door somewhere that I can make the transition from cars to heavy duty stuff. And any tips you may have that could get me prepped for said transition. 

All answers and tips are more than welcome, since i know heavy equipment mechanics are very scarce, this could also just be a place for everyone to just shoot the shits and have a good time.

I also wanted to let you know i do have some of my own tools, not in buckets. i have a napa service cart that holds all the tools i have now. Which I'm able to do basic repairs like oil changes, filters, grease jobs, tires, etc. 

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Reply by ~*💚Chels🖤*~


Hello! I am currently going to school at AIM (aviation institute of maintenance) to get my A & P licens(airframe and powerplant) so I can work on airplanes. With this license I would be able to work on things like trains, power turbines, roller coasters, elevators etc. But my focus is airplanes. They also offer several other, not just an AMT license. :)

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Reply by alvin


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