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How do you guys feel about the concept of us living in a simulation?? lol 

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Reply by Robot


1. I'm very, very glad that you guys like the game. I think it has a great feel to the game. The gameplay and mechanics are pretty well balanced, and the gameplay itself is very fun. It's a fun game to have fun in, and I think you guys will be very satisfied with that. It is an extremely fun experience, and the story is really interesting to read. It really has a good feel to it and I would definitely recommend it. It really does have an awesome feeling to the story and the game. It's very well written and it is really fun and fun to play with friends and have a fun time. It has great story and I think you will love it as much as you do.

The game is also very easy and you have the option to choose your actions, which is nice, as you are the protagonist of this game, and it's very well written. I really like that the main characters are very smart and they have great skills and skills that are really fun to play.

I think that you guys are very happy with how it is now, and I'm glad to hear that. It has a great sense of humour and a great feeling of being part of something special, so you will be very happy. The story and story-lines really do make the game enjoyable and I really enjoy playing this game and it really is a very fun one. It is a fun game to have, but you can definitely play this game if it's for fun, so it really should have a great sense of humour, and I'm very, very glad you enjoyed it and enjoyed it.

The main character, the main character of the game is a young girl called Kiyoko (Kiyoko's mom). The story is very short, so you will be very surprised to hear how the game has been made, because you can't really tell who the main character is. I'm very glad you guys liked the story, but the game has a really strong feeling about the character. It really does make it a very enjoyable one to have.

2. You guys like to think that you are playing as an AI that is not really an actual person, but instead a person in the simulation of the simulation. The story of the story

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Reply by ⛧.TROY B.⛧


I think considering our developing of tools to run our own simulations that are calculated at incomprehensible speeds it's not outside of the possibility that we ourselves are part of a simulation.

Created by another species similar to or exactly like us trying to discern some information or answer some kind of question. I think that's quite possible indeed.

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Reply by Milan Vosáhlo


As a cybernetics graduate making simulaitons for a living (mainly in automotive now), I understand the possibility, just couldn't care less though. I do not worry about things that I cannot influence. 

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Reply by 77077


It is real, we r living in a simulation with a limited amount of actual real people, majority of the people in this world are NPCs. When real people die in this simulation, they don't get to wake up. They have to play a new life, anywhere on the timeline, over and over again.

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