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Other Incarnations, QHHT, and Connecting with other Dimensions.

Curious about other lives?  Or maybe you've caught glimpses of your other incarnations? I was too. Things like starseed origins, past lives, life purpose, karmic connections...I asked about all of these things during my QHHT session.  That set EVERYTHING ELSE into motion.|

Since then I've learned SO MUCH. I've been shown the roles I've played in the past and my current purpose. I've been certified in QHHT, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, BQH Beyond Quantum Healing, and become an Ordained Minister.  I've led hundreds of trance state experiences and get messages from clients and followers thanking me nearly every day. 

I actively participate in creating my reality - and now I help others learn how to create broader perspectives as well.  Clients say this technique equals "100 times meditation".  Best part?  You become your OWN guide.  You manifest your health and expansion. 

BQH sessions can be done by ZOOM and and are 5-7 hours long (including a 30 min break).  Sessions are valued at $288, and I typically accept donations based on client's needs.

It's fun. Clients say it's healing. I enjoy facilitating sessions, and the entertainment value is pretty unique.  I advise people to "collect experiences, not things" and this is one interesting experience indeed!  Message me if interested, or check out my website: 5D Expansion with Julia 
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