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If anyone else here is schizophrenic, how long did it take for you to get diagnosed? How many times were you denied and told it's just trauma?

I still haven't been professionally diagnosed because my psychiatrist thinks it's just DID but most adults believe me sooo

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Reply by ouma!!!!


We dont have schizophrenia but we do have a form of psychosis . it took really long to get a diagnose for what was going on and often it was said to be something these . we have DID so for awhile the psychosis and DID would repeatedly get confused as each other . it was very annoying but now we are on meds and the psychosis is barely an issues (unless we forget meds) 

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Reply by Fer !!!


it took me YEARS to get diagnosed after my initial symptoms started showing up, since I was so young they kept switching diagnosis and all that, until they finally settled on paranoid schizophrenia and I was diagnosed at the age of 14.

Even tho I have an official diagnosis medication and all even my own dad denies it sometimes lol, he doesnt like to believe I actually have it, and usually people who deny it the most are adults, honestly most people my age believe me the moment I tell them and dont question it which is nice, ive had people tell me that I could cure it on my own and deny it but nothing has ever been too bad and most poeple just accept it

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Reply by Tyler i guess


now just OCD/StPD but I'm at high risk genetically so whoops knooows

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