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Ghost in my residence

Okay, I live in residence at one of the oldest universities in North America and something strange has been happening in the study room. To give some general context the building was built in the 30's and has (as far as I know) been in use since then. In the res, there is a study room we call the arts and crafts room (I can explain but it's not relevant). The space is split between two parts. The main part with like desks, chairs, a bookshelf, etc. then through a door is a separate space used for storage it also has chairs, a desk, and the aforementioned arts and crafts supplies. this storage room is always kept locked unless one of the RAs opens it or gives someone the key. The main space is accessed through a set of doors and they are super old they are essentially left with the nob turned so that the bolt is retracted and they can swing freely.

Now that the context is out of the way I can talk about what happens. Whenever I study in this room alone I hear noises from the storage room. And I mean every time. The noise is usually just chairs sliding around, and again no one ever is in that room. Once while all of this was going down I decided to leave and the main doors which never even had the nob turned, were suddenly jammed shut with the bolt shoved in such a way that I couldn't open it. I was able to get out but I knew the door was just as I always was when I entered, so I don't know how this could have happened.

Now I'll tell you some of the reasons I think that it is a ghost. If the noise was just people moving chairs on the floor above then why would it sound so much like it was something in the other room, or why would they be moving their chairs so much? Also, this sound only happens when I'm in the room alone so why would they suddenly stop when other people enter the room? And why would the door be jammed shut?

Anyway, if anyone has any theories about what this could be or how to deal with it pls let me know.

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