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What is going on in my house

Posted by RYEbread


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Hi I am posting this forum because I do not know what is going on in my house (some recollection may not be great as they are from my brother who is now 16 but when some of these things happened he was around the age of 6) so I believe that the house I live in is haunted by multiple entities.

Right after we moved in (about 10 years ago) my brother was watching TV in the basement as one does when someone or something tapped on his shoulder he turned around and there was no one there.

 My brother also used to have this like drawing light pad think idk, but every night he turned it off before he went to bed but randomly in the night it would like flash and change settings and all that. This is also similar to a more recent occurrence where our xbox would be turned on and immediately when it finally turned off it would turn back on. Another occurrence (that happens frequently) is that the floor light in my room would turn off in the middle of the night or fully fall over in the middle of the night. My parents had this old TV that in the middle of the night would just turn on and specifically to static it only ever turned on to static 

And then there's the figures. I've seen 3-4 figures in my house. They like to come out at night. The first one I saw was a figure that was like TV static but very colorful and I could se through it it was it front of my bed and then ran into my closet. And the other figures just kinda stood around my house. I might be just paranoid but when im in my bed I just feel like a hand with large claws is going to come up to my bed and grab me and tear me out of the bed and I only think about it in my bed no other beds. 

Oh and let me add that this house is like 60 years old and has gone through many owner's so maybe someone died here.

So what do you think it is is it genuinely haunted or am I just over reacting? I'd like to know

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