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My ex keeps showing up

Sooo my ex and I had a pretty good connection. We joked about how similar we are and I always felt we are connected on a more spiritual level. 

We broke up 8/9 months ago but he keeps showing up in my dreams. For example I had a dream my friend and I were out clubbing and everywhere we went my ex would be somewhere in the backround, at one point he even came up to me and asked why I was following him. I just told him that hes following me and walked away. Now the part that really gets me is that same day I was on the bus and I saw him in a cafe sitting alone and smiling at the bus. 

Another weird part is that a few weeks ago my friend heard him talking to his friends about me and how he loves me.

Am I delulu and going too far with the dream stuff or do you guys also think it could be some kind of connection between us?

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Reply by Jinnicide


In all reality, you'll dream about everyone you've ever connected with until the day you die. 

Just get used to it!

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