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Favourite movie and why ? :3

I just wanted to ask what your favorite movie is and why?

My favorite movie is Scott Pilgrim vs. the world, simply for having a plot that can entertain you, charismatic and fun characters and very good special effects (also probably because it is based on one of my favorite comic book saga lol)

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Reply by chadifer<3


Haiiiii my fav movie is Fantastic Mr Fox. I really love Wes Andersons cinematography style and and warm tones all hid movies has and Fantastic Mr Fox just also happens to be an adaptation of one of my favorite childhood authors. It stays true to the original book but its so refreshing and the story is so much different i reallh love it so so much. Also ash is so me negl. 

SPVTW has been on my watchlist for a while now it seems so cool and ive heard a lor about it

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