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Reoccurring fictional characters in dreams?

Was wondering if anyone else has any reoccurring fictional characters in their dreams, as in, a fictional character that's either an OC or from a piece of established media that shows up in your dreams a lot.

For me there have been two (or three, technically) of note, all of which are from video games I enjoy.
Since around 2018-2019 (about 5 years) Gundham Tanaka from Danganronpa 2 has shown up in my dreams every now and then, seemingly at least once a month. Could either be a main character, background character, or even just a piece of artwork in the dream.
Much more recently, starting mid-to-late 2023, the Daycare Attendant from Five Nights at Freddy's has been showing up in my dreams pretty frequently. Most common is Moon, but Sun has been in a fair amount. Eclipse has been in...one, I think. Two at most.

Very curious if anyone else has this happen! Feel free to talk about specific dreams as well if you'd like!

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