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Shifting (English version)


┬┐What is shifting or change of realities?

From my years of experience in shifting I can summarize that it is, in simple terms, shifting consciousness from one body to another in different realities.

It may sound very absurd and stupid, I admit, but I prefer to say that if we know so little about so much there must be some "loophole" to fit the possibility of achieving our desired reality where they are fantastic and Mary/Gary Stu (Idk).

What I mean, change is something we do all the time, each decision, thought, action leads us to a series of events where one thing or another happens, it's like when we do something else and we imagine doing it well and achieving the same thing. What we wanted, that is to change, those are realities, simply that instead of doing it unconsciously and without knowing what will happen we would do it fully aware of everything, we would know what we are going to be (tall, strong, with wavy hair, green eyes, cats , dogs, rabbits, horses) and we will control our world, of course, it is difficult because it is not as if we were Doctor Strange and we just move our fingers and appear, it takes time, and in my case many nights trying and without seeing results.

Regardless of whether you believe me or not, I'm not really interested, since I decide to believe no and that's it, but there is the possibility of going to a reality show where I can meet Freddy Mercury and tell him how. Great and great it is, I'm going to do it.

We constantly escape from reality, whether by writing, drawing, imagining or doing many other things to feel better, and in this case we could do better, much better, although I am not going to lie to you, if what you want is for me to tell you something. The path where you are going in less than a month or that if you believe in yourself you will achieve it because you can be what you want to be is not a change for you, it is a matter of knowing how to bring our consciousness to that desired point. , and that is not very simple and even more so if you are like me, although I want to and I can, I have been thinking for months about how absurd the simple idea is and blah, blah.

You can leave, it can be in less than a month, it can be in a year, but you can, not all methods can work for you because not all of them will adapt to you and your mind, there will always be something or someone. That stops us and that discourages us but you shouldn't blame yourself, you should go ahead and ignore it.

Please do not look for what shifting is on TikTok because that is an entry into misinformation and things that are not, look for it better on YouTube, there are many beautiful and relaxing channels that can explain how they work, I will leave some at the end in case you want to search for them.

In my personal experience, the closest I got was when I saw lights and felt a cat near me (I didn't have one at the time) and my strongest symptom was feeling like I was levitating and feeling like my whole body was asleep. I couldn't get there, but God I will, and maybe I'll stay there forever.

In my case, the best are long methods without much visualization, where they let me imagine and say clarifications one after another hundreds of times.

Basic information

My favorite part, since we have an idea of what it can be and what you can achieve, I can give you information so that you don't get lost when hearing the following meanings.

  • Scripts: They are small optional aids, they are texts or sheets where you put your personal data, some scenario, skills and all that, they serve to better visualize both reality in general and yourself, it sounds silly but it is like making a character. In a file you put age, appearance, family, if he is poor or rich and all that, there are several on the internet, I recommend looking for some examples, it can be on Wattpad, in amino forums and even on Tiktok, there if it is better.
  • Lifa app: The lifa, or great and powerful lifa, is an application, book, notebook, bracelet, bracelet, necklace or whatever you want, basically it is one of the most useful tools for when you change reality, in its most common form. It is an application that only your cell phone or electronic devices have or even that only you can see, in it you can write scripts, buy objects, get money, build your house, etc; It can take different forms to adapt to your reality, let's say, if it is a medieval reality or where such advanced devices do not exist, it can take the form of a book or notebook where you write what you want, you can say that you have infinite pages and still not It is neither heavy nor very big.
  • Waiting Room: It is a room/house/mansion where you can relax, it is not a reality in itself since it is usually just a space where you finish scripts, you can eat, sleep, relax and be alone or with pets. It may look like you want, to be a single room with everything or always has food, whether the weather outside is rainy or sunny.
  • Desired Reality or DR: The reality you want to reach can be anime, from the 2000s, medieval or completely invented.
  • Mirror reality or MR: A reality equal to the current one with certain changes, it may be that you have the lifa app, you have a different appearance, you have money, you have other friends, etc.
  • Dream Reality or OR: A reality where you only go 24 hours and come back, like a kind of lucid dream.
  • Actual Reality or AR: Your original reality, where you return to.
  • Permashifting: You stay permanently in your DR or RE, you can repent or travel to other realities, you just don't return to your RA.
  • Respawn: Nothing recommended, nothing safe, nothing good, it is dying and being reborn in your desired reality but there is no proof that it is real, please don't do it, IT IS NOT SAFE.

I think that would be all the basics for now, what you need to know most currently so as not to get confused.

If you have questions or want to know more, you can definitely ask me, I like to help.

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