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Dropout (formerly CollegeHumor)

Anyone here a Dropout fan? I've been watching their stuff on YouTube for the past year and a half, but I only just got a subscription to Dropout and it's so worth it. Dimension 20 is rad, I just finished Fantasy High Freshman Year and I've already started Sophomore Year (also seeing them live in April, woohoo). Been thinking about watching another D20 show, maybe A Crown of Candy or Neverafter.

Game Changer and Make Some Noise are great too, love putting it on for friends and family. Honestly I'll watch anything with Brennan in it lol, he's so entertaining, idk how he does it.

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Reply by hal 🌾


i love dropout!!! :D my favorite shows r defo dimension 20, game changer, and dirty laundry :3

sophomore year is literally one of my favorite seasons ever, i'm rewatching it right now in between junior year as its premiering :'3

that said you really can't go wrong with any season of d20, all the ones i've seen have been absolute bangers. if you're taking recommendations i'd totally recommend mice and murder! it's kind of a different play style, and instead of the usual d20 cast it's more of the other dropout cast, so it's kinda a mix up, but it's another of my favorites :]

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