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I just wanted to talk about one of my favourite folklore creatures, Padfoot! Also known as the Black Shuck, Barghest, or just The Black Dog of [Wherever that particular story is set]. Padfoot is its name in West Yorkshire, where I'm from, so that's what I'll call it. Its name comes from the sound of its paws (pad pad pad pad pad). 

It just looks like a big black dog, sometimes with glowing red eyes which is pretty rad. Seeing it is said to warn of your death, or a death in the comunity

The city I'm currently living in is said to have lots of stories about Padfoot sightings, but they're from so long ago that they have hardly been documented :[[[ 

I haven't seen padfoot myself, but I'm not sure i'd want to lol

If anyone has any stories about padfoot (Or any similar creature) please do share!!!

                                                 ✦ ₊˚ෆ⋆。‧˚ʚɞ˚‧。⋆‧₊˚ ✦

(No relation to Harry Potter, I am not a harry potter fan)

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that's rlly cool! it reminds me of tales of the church grim, who also take the appearance of a black dog with red eyes. but the grim are usually protectors of cemeteries and churchyards :0

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