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I often dread falling asleep.

Lately I hate sleeping, it's rarely ever peacful. It's the most unnasuming/non disturbing dreams too, so nobody takes them seriously. It's things like waking up in my dream over and over, so then I get stressed that I'm not getting rest in my dream and my anxiety is always 5x in my dream. During the dream itself I can never tell if im dreaming or not, so once im awake I just feel tired and restless. I have dreams about alien abductions, or having sieziuers. I often have dreams recently where my teeth fall out, or dreams where I realize im dreaming and can't get myself to wake up so I feel trapped in them. It all sounds so stupid, but it leaves me feeling so unbelievably anxious at the moment. Then I just feel so tired during the day. It's the stupiest thing ever. If anyone knows how to get rid of strange dreams, that would be amazing.

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