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David Lynch has a new TV show in the works for Netflix called "Wisteria".
I've seen people speculate that it's a sequel to Twin Peaks: The Return, or Season 4 of Twin Peaks depending on how you look at it.
While I would be down for literally anything David Lynch could do, I think TP: The Return had a perfect ending, and sadly, I feel like enough pivotal actors from it have passed that we can't go back. If they do choose to pick up where it left off, I hope it follows "Richard"/Cooper and Carrie Page and it's its own thing, with only the world-building infrastructure of the Black Lodge etc., as a callback to TP.

I would love to hear your hot takes, and connect with other Lynch fans!

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Actually Wisteria/unrecorded nights theories are going about that it will follow the Paige story, but sadly everything stopped since the show is no longer attached to Netflix

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