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Squid Game: The Challenge

(OBVIOUSLY spoiler warning for the whole thing if u havent watched the show)

idk if theres a post for this show already or what but i loved this show so much omg. i know people are like "ugh its dumb it goes against the point of the first one" but tbh if you kinda shut off ur brain and look at it as a cheesy reality tv show its fun. my fave is phill and im so happy hes in the final 3!! that last game pissed me off so bad tho bc why did have to take the risk 3 times LOL the part where ashley didn't wanna jump in the glass game also pissed me off BUT it was partly trey's fauly bc why wasn't he saying anything??? if he would've called her out instead of jumping he probably would've lived likeee.. anyways post ur opinions here i wanna meet more ppl who r talking abt the show!!!

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