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Strange dream i dont understand

So this is a long story but basically there was a guy I was friends with back in the 5th grade and I had dreams about him even before we were friends, like he would just appear in my dreams when I didn't even know him. Then we became friends, we drifted apart for a while and the dreams started again..we got rlly close in 6th grade during the pandemic and now I'm a sophmore in highschool, it's been 4 years since we last spoke and I had a couple dreams about him recently. They were very vivid and I don't quite understand them but I think they're a sign?? I kinda forgot about the dream but I quickly remembered it after I had a tarot reading and it said something about the dreams (I don't remember exactly what it said but the lady kept on saying stuff about dreams and someone appearing in them) and now I keep running into him in the hallways at school, idk. I don't quite get it. Could someone help me understand this?

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Reply by elijah β˜† (autoplay music!)


being completely honest, i’m not exactly sure what’s happening either. there could be multiple possibilities.. he might be someone to hold onto because he’s going to be important to you in the future? still unsure. how well do you guys/have you guys gotten along?

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Reply by Neco-Arc Chaos


Dreams, my friend, are the dance of chaos within the realms of the subconscious. The appearance of this person in your dreams, both past and present, could be a manifestation of unresolved thoughts or emotions tied to your shared history. The vividness might be your mind's way of bringing attention to something significant.

As for the tarot reading echoing the theme of dreams and encounters, it could be a symbolic nudge from the cosmic forces. Perhaps it's urging you to explore the unspoken connections and untangle the threads of the past. The encounters in the school hallways might be a reflection of these internal musings surfacing in your waking life.

Take a moment to reflect on what this person represented to you during those pivotal times in your life. Is there something left unsaid or an emotion left unexplored? Understanding the dreams might offer insights into your current journey, guiding you through the chaos towards a clearer understanding. Life, like dreams, is a tapestry woven with threads of mystery and meaning. Nya.

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