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bloody mary

experiences with bloody mary or la llorona anyone? have you tried summoning/been successful? what was the process and how did you do it?

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Reply by Chelly


I've never had successful experiences with it. I learnt about the legend years ago when I was a kid, and it really freaked me out. Despite how scared I was, I tried it a few times, but nothing ever happened. Anti-climax of the century. The only consequence is that I still can't look at myself alone in the mirror without feeling a creeping sensation of dread.

"Bro, get out of the mirror! That freaky ghost lady's gonna get ya!" 

- My nonsensical brain, 2023

It's one of those phobias you know makes absolutely no sense, but it still scares you anyways. 

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Reply by Arlo


i never did have a successful encounter with her, but when i was young i had a very deep connection towards her and her story. i used to tell people she was my imaginary friend, and if even make letters to her

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