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How to handle the school shooting crisis?

What do you guys think about how the school shooting crisis should be handled? Clearly something needs to be done. I hear a lot of people talk about passing "common-sense" gun laws, as they call it. Personally I don't believe in the government's right to restrict what weapons a person can own. I don't think those weapons should only exist in the hands of a government that just wants to exert control. But I understand where people are coming from.

I think we need to also consider the pressures that push so many people toward this type of obscene violence. Maybe we need to change the way we handle mental health. Maybe we need to change the way we report on these tragedies.

I don't feel very educated on the topic, which is why I'm curious to hear you guys' opinions. Comment below

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The govt won't do anything about it until the school shooters stop being white males

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