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Reoccurring Nightmres :(

I keep having these reoccurring nightmares where its like an apocalypse but everyone's out to get me and just the entire time I'm being chased and they always kill my friends and family right Infront of me but sometimes they're totally unaffected and it makes me feel crazy and there's never a conclusion either I just wake up at a random point. I've tried killing myself in them but it never lets me, I've also tried just giving up but its usually then that some big bad kills everyone i love so i have to keep going to get revenge :(

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Reply by Dead Weight


You could try to see what events in real life are permeating into your nightmares... and address them.

The apocalyptic scenario could be a reflection of a great change, and the people turning against you could be a reflection of what you either perceive, feel or fear to something about yourself, either new or unknown to them.

Just my two cents.

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Reply by BatBratBatty


As someone who experienced recurring nightmares, it seems that most times the dreams do have an underlying meaning and have something to do with your waking life. I would look into dream meanings online so you can see yourself the kind of variables of meanings. But heres my take. If you are being chased in a dream, it may mean that there are things in your daily life you refuse to acknowledge /dont know where to start to accept it. When the other people are harmed in your dream, do they seem hurt? or do they blow you off and ask why you are being crazy? (hard to tell from the post, sorry for confusion!!) If they act as they are not hurt, you may notice in waking life some one who you have to defend all of your decisions and feelings to. And for having to fight the attacker that is hunting you, I believe it symbolizes a very large disagreement in your life that you are having trouble with. The dream of being attacked physically may mean that you feel attacked in your daily life. (Mentally, emotionally, or physically!)

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Reply by Meem


These comments are right, even little unadressed things irl can bubble up at night as our body forces us to address it. My biggest help was therapy and making sure I didnt sleep on my back cause of apnea. ifyou cant get therapy my oddest solution is fanfiction. its low stakes with media you are already familiar with and if you focus on imagining or repeating those scenerios it can help your dreams be better, idk why but it works. just know we dream for a very little amnt of time so while its scary, it ends soon.just comfort and congradulate yourself in the morning

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