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Anyone have any Mandela Effects or "false-memories"?

I'm curious if anyone else here has an experience with some kind of Mandela Effect or a "false-memory" that you swore was real.

One false-memory I remember so vividly is the existence of $25 bills (USD). I swear my grandparents would send me and my brother a $25 bill with out birthday cards when we were younger. However...$25 bills don't exist in the US.

I'd love to know if any of you have a similar thing!

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Reply by Dead Weight


Sensitive topic for me since I've been gaslit by narcissistic parents, but I can recall a recent experience.

I misread the publication date of a certain magazine, and spent the whole day rearranging my memories of the time I read it and what were the circumstances. Needless to say, when I read the real date it all came crashing down and I ended up with a major headache.

I often mess up the dates of events and its duration too.

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Reply by BatBratBatty


I have the vaguest memory of being a small child, in the jungle, with my mom on the edge of a brown rocky cliff, overlooking the ocean. But when I was a kid I thought it was real, like it really happened recently. I would be asking my mom about the cliff all the time. But I've never been to such a place in my entire life. 

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Reply by Dylan<33


I have a really vivd memory of watching the season 3 finale of ninjago at my old house. i remember where i was sitting on the couch, what position i was in, even that my mom was cleaning something in the room. i also remember that i was crying, and my sister was also crying about it while sitting next to me. but the episode wasn't released until months after i moved into the house i live in now! weird

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