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Spontaneous Human Combustion

Do you guys believe in spontaneous humans combustion? I sure do. I mean when you think of it, it just makes sense!

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Reply by Deaths_Smile


Definitely! There's been way too many cases of it happening for it to not be a thing.

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Reply by GEMMA𓆩♡𓆪


i read somewhere about 8 cases of it happening and thats not the ones related to like water heaters. my anxiety is pretty pretty crazy so i 100% think its real and may happen to me. sometimes i stay up at night and think how and why did those 8 people just...blow up... like how does that even happen?????????????????????

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Reply by dreamspider


What do you mean the ones related to water heaters? 

It probably won't happen to you... fear not.

Thanks for the reply!

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