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Do you have recurring locations in your dreams?

Posted by Dead Weight


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Are there places in your dreams that you recognize from one dream to the other?

My dreams, however changing they are, always take place in the
contemporary age. And there are many locations that I recognize from
dream to dream.

>The School
It's that, a school.
Only the hallways are endless, the toilets are the size of an apartment,  there are a lot of levels connected by catwalks and huge pipes, and a busload of stairs. The walls are invariably peach-colored.

>The Hotel
hotel with carpeted floors, beautiful carpentry here and there, mostly
dark wood, poorly lit,  with hallways, staircases and balconry that goes

>The Office/Clinic
Multilevel building. As
with the previous ones, lots of floors and stairs, but all outer walls
are  glass, there's people in desks everywhere, and the elevator travels
horizontally, vertically, and most of the time has no walls so you might
fall off if you're not careful.

These three sometimes overlap
and connect with each other, most likely by stairs and  elevators. And
they can meld into each other forever, backrooms-style.

>The City
a mix of my hometown and Hollywood's fifties america. Closer to the
downtown buildings  get more cosmopolitan tho. There's always a
high-noon-in-Nevada sun, except when it's  twilight, that looks more like
an autumn evening.

>The Square

A town square, with a
crescent shaped hill, and beneath it, a natural history museum, all in  fluorescent white light and a fistful of visitors. The hill and its
surroundings are covered in a  bright green grass, with parterres of tall
and colorful flowers that I doubt exist in real life.

>The Necropolis
square-mile long cemetery, black statues everywhere, mammothal
mausoleums and bright  sun everywhere. Small chapels with historical
pieces of religious importance are spread here  and there. They are
street floor only, and their outer wall are glass panes, with a dark
green zinc hip roof.

>The Gallery
A commercial
gallery whose layout and goods make no sense (the charcuterie is next
door to  the novelty shop and the gaming store is across the rotisserie)
with roofless areas in which the time of the day doesn't match the rest
of the place -or even the exterior.

Do you have any places like those? And what do they look like?

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Reply by Monica


it's interesting, the world of dreams has always fascinated me. I think the most frequent locations in my dreams are my home and the home of my loved ones and the school.

But I feel like I'm at home but my home isn't like it is in reality and other places aren't either. 

what is sure is that in my dreams I always find discomfort. do you usually interpret your dreams? there are books about it but I think we can give the best interpretation ourselves because it is about our emotions and thoughts even if the deepest ones.

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Reply by Dead Weight


I don't do interpretations since most of the time I don't like what they mean.
For instance, the wall-less elevators going sideways mean stagnation and fear of the other's opinion, the mammothal necropolis means my trouble with letting go of the past, and so on.

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Reply by Seth


Many nights I find myself back in my old school. It's been five years since I graduated, yet still it worms it's way back more than I'd like to admit.

Most times I'm in class, or in the lunchroom, and shots begin to ring out - and I'm in danger along with everyone else.

Other times - the halls are empty, and I'm just walking them over and over again. One night I recall seeing an old face - a teacher who was my English teacher in Senior year. We were the only two there and all he said to me was "You're still here?" before I woke up. He's dead - the Summer he retired his liver failed and he was dead in a month.

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Reply by Deaths_Smile


There are several places that have reoccurred in my dreams, though one stands out the most to me: The Mall.

The Mall has no front door, just a cobblestone path leading from outside to inside. The storefronts are tall and the walls have a slight curve to the left. There are at least two stories and it is unknown if there is a ceiling or not. There is a movie theater which was mentioned in a dream, but I never went in there.

The main reason I visited The Mall was to check out stones in this one gem shop ran by an Indian man. I went to his store in at least 3 dreams, though I never had enough money to buy anything more than a keychain. In the last dream I saw him, he looked sad, and told me he had to leave. The next time I visited his shop, it no longer sold gems, instead selling ceramics (mostly plates). He was no where to be found.

The last time I visited The Mall, I found another gem shop, however this one only sold giant, very expensive geodes that I wasn't really interested in. I haven't been back there in a dream since.

A second location that reoccurs in my dreams, much more frequently than The Mall, is what I like to call "The Roadside Bakery."

This bakery is very small, consisting of a front counter with a display filled with baked goods, a wall on the left with a fridge (like those in a grocery store) that has more baked goods, and a kitchen in the back with a doorway I can barely see through. There is only ever one person behind the counter. Most of the times I've visited this bakery, I've ordered a small orange bundt cake.

The bakery is usually located in the middle of nowhere on the side of the road, but it has shown up in a neighborhood once, as well as inside a grocery store once. It has been a while since I've seen this location in a dream.


I got an update on the status of "The Roadside Bakery."

Last I had seen it in a dream, which was about a week ago, it was no longer a bakery. It had been merged with what I believe was a school. The counter was empty and the "fridge" was missing. The door to the back no longer lead to a kitchen. Despite it not being a bakery anymore, I knew that's what it used to be. In the dream, I mentioned it to the others around, but they ignored me.

RIP the Bakery, your sweets will be missed.

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Reply by Dead Weight


It's quite interesting that users have dreams with shops and schools.

I know schools, like temples and churches, are associated with knowledge and wisdom, but I'm not sure what shops mean.

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Reply by Oak Madleaf


I often see a forest that I don't exactly know the location of, I assume it must've came from sometime in my childhood. Its this huge, sprawling, primeval forest, similar to what I imagine overcame much of Europe before humans chopped it all down:(

Its beautiful, truly, with tall, tall trees covered in a soft layer of this luscious moss. It looks a bit like the Black Forest in Germany, I figure. 

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Reply by Dead Weight


I wish my dreams featured anything outside the cityscapes.

I mean, I know peopla that are more hardcore urbanites than myself and they still dream with castles, vast savannahs, raging oceans and so, even if they have toured the world even less than myself.
Maybe my head is too provincial?

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Reply by milk_way


I have anxiety dreams and i'm always on a big hill thats too close to the sky and then usually gravity like flips itself and i have a panic attack.

The weird thing is that before it happens, my dream always some kind of a storyline, and i'm a character in something, but they always end the same way.

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Reply by xxRebellious_Emmaxx


Yes, especially my current apartment and the schools I've attended so far.

Oftentimes, these places will have unique areas within them in my dreams that don't exist in real life, though.

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Reply by BETA


I have several reoccurring spaces in my dreams but they often distort or add to themselves. Often times I remember them from my early childhood or don't remember them exactly but have a feeling they came from certain places.

For example, a hotel. I always go there with my family for a vacation or a party and always end up at the "pool". 

The halls of the hotel are always white/cream colored and tiled floors of the same color but always feel like wood? To get to the pool you walk past this large archway and take a left, where you find a 7x7 ft square that seems like its less than 6 ft deep but is actually endless. The pool also always has insanely tall walls surrounding the other 3 sides, the 4th side being the one you walk into it with.

The second location at the hotel is the theatre. It looks like a fancy auditorium with red velvet curtains and gold accents everywhere, but they never have the lights off and no movie ever plays but people will always point at the blank white screen and laugh or scream. Every time I walk out of there I'm always gushing about the movie with my family/friends, but there was no movie and my head would feel like it's pulsing. The snacks they would sell at the front desk (which sometimes wouldn't even be there but you could still end up with food and drinks anyway) could be eaten, but it wouldn't have any texture or taste.

Whenever my group would be done swimming or watching a movie we'd go back to our hotel room, but as soon as we entered that hallway (which was almost pitch black) I'd wake up. We enter through that same hallway too, only really entering the dream as we just get out of the darkness of the hallway.

There's a few more places, but I also have a reoccurring family and their house. I've asked my mom about them before because I swear I would hang out with them IRL, but she always has no idea who I'm talking about. It's an Asian (maybe mixed?) family of a mother, father, older son, and younger daughter. I don't know their names but they all have black hair and slightly darker skin. 

The father is involved and has a healthy relationship with his whole family but I've never seen him because he's always at work when I visit. I don't see the mother often but she's always wearing a loose t-shirt and sweatpants or leggings with a bob haircut. The daughter (5 years old?) has the same haircut, often wearing a pink sleeveless top (I think) and pants. The son (8 years old) has a taller version of 2012 Markiplier's hair (LOL) and I can't recall what he would usually wear. 

Anytime I saw them I was 7-8 years old in my dream, but they would show up randomly in my dreams up to when I turned 12 I believe. Sometimes, I would only see their house in the background of a dream.

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Reply by Jaque Mateo


I alos have like the places classified, every time I wake up I can emmidiatly tell where I was dreaming or with who depending on the place. I found it so complex, is like a dream map.

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