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any gilmore girls fans?

let start the great debate; dean, jess, or logan?

im def team jess but lmk which was ur fav and also who is ur fav character in the series.

mine is suki or lane, i relate to them the most and i adore them and their cute lil hobbies. which episode/season is ur fav?

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Reply by Selkie 🌺


hiii I love seeing other Gilmore Girls fans here!! I still haven't finished it tho, I'm on season 5 and I'm totally team JESS!!!

Favs: Paris, Lane, Sookie, Luke, Kirk, Emily

Characters I cannot stand: Dean, Lindsay, Taylor, TJ

Tbh, I don't have a fav season, but the early eras (seasons 1,2,3) are def better than the rest

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Reply by Amaia


i am SOOOOOOO team JESS (he's so hot and imo he is the character with the most improvement)

my fav characters were jess, luke, lorelai, and sookie. i draw a lot of inspiration from lorelai, she's like my 2000s tv mom lol

i love the show but i think thinks went sideways around season 4

also i kinda hated logan

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