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add me if you like...

Posted by shireen saudamini mubayi


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...art stuff, folk rock/indie/alt rock/classic rock/pop rock/retro/whatever the hell mazzy star is, gay stuff, carpet cleaning videos, mamma mia, the lion king, gong yoo, bollywood, conspiracy theories and/or urban legends, ben barnes, the colour purple, sushi, horror movies, winx club, funky animals, classic barbie movies, om shanti om, playing instruments, 2D animation, monster high, character art, zombie apocalypse as a genre, DnD, axolotls, rom-coms, billy joel, anne hathaway, han so hee, star wars, daydreaming, and yeah there's more on my profile!

I'd love to find some cool online friends :))

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Reply by dely <3


you sound awesome and id love to be ur friend ^^

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