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introduction topic [pinned]


this is a spacehey kep1ian introduction topic.

feel free to introduce yourself, your bias/es, when you got into kep1er and anything you want to say related to them

this is also a topic where you can share your ideas/requests regarding this group, like what rules require changes/need to be added, what else should be added in the intro section etc.

have funĀ 

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Reply by Cyn


Omg a Kep1er group! I think it might just be the two of us here but my biases are Yeseo and Mashiro lol. I got really into girls planet and love the resulting group. I also was a fan of Busters so I already knew Yeseo from that and I'm really proud of her. <3

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Reply by legenda


yaaay, i'm so happy you decided to join!

i wish i had more energy to be a proper admin for this group but :(:(

my bias is hikaru but yeshiro are my main wreckers <3

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