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experimental pop artists

i’ve been seeing some pop artists come up that are doing things that aren’t seen as “normal” and that’s so awesome! i’d say the first examples of this were probably melanie martinez and lady gaga. 

what are some experimental pop artists you like?

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Reply by adam


i think that tori amos  is a good example of this. she experiments with pianos and different sorts of instruments in her albums, and sings about darker subject matters without trying to sugarcoat it for the masses, but still retains that sort of upbeat-adjacent sound. 

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Reply by ROMEO ミ★


my immediate thought when i think about like, "experimental pop" is The Hyperpop Girlies. SOPHIE, 100 gecs, ecco2k, etc.

nelward, jack stauber, neil cicierega (both the stuff released under his legal name & the stuff he releases under the lemon demon project,) hemlocke springs, dorian electra, and studio killers are all artists i think are doing cool stuff with the pop genre, too.

i agree though - i think hearing lady gaga on the radio as a preteen was the first time i remember being surprised by a pop song. especially for something that got a lot of radio play.

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Reply by elijah


definitely SOPHIE (i miss u sophie ;-;),  and charli xcx imo are some more experiemental pop music. iirc i've also heard their music labelled as pc music? not too sure if thats a genre or not though

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