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Cutting emo/scene hair for da first time (help meh)

I'm not sure if this is the place to put this- and if not I apologize I'm new to this site 0_0

So, emo/scene kids I really want to cut my hair scene/emo but I have no experience cutting hair and I'm very nervous that I'll f it up bad. I'm tempted to get it cut at a salon (is that a good idea-??) If I were to cut it myself can u guyz share with me what vids/sites/things u used 2 cut ur scene hair for da first time? What are sum easy 2 follow scene emo hair cutting tuts? 

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Reply by Noe


DONT GET IT CUT AT A SALON!! Do it urself id rec starting small dont cut too much cut a bit longer then u want also before u cut figure out where u want it to part and the style of it bc theres many diffrent styles beware that some of them make u blind but as someone w good vision but hate lights i rlly like the one that covers ur eyes completely which is pretty easy to cut!! Tutorials on yt for it all u need is a razor rlly but ur emo so u probably have a razor next to u rn (sry bad joke) 

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Reply by Bones 0-\\


Ahh okay tyyy for replying. Which youtube tut do you think would be easier for a person who hasn't cut their hair b4? (Btw I want to get the covering meh eyes completely type of emo/scene hair) I can't find any of that style on youtube, and xDD dw I actually laughed at ur joke

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Reply by Alyxsa


Hellooo :)

Ik It’s been a few days since this has been posted but anyways lolll

For sure do it yourself, I personally use an eyebrow razor. Take your time when cutting, so u don’t mess up! U said u want to have it more covering your eyes so I suggest a fringe! A tutorial that I like to watch is this one: https://youtu.be/MEWADz9kKRc

This one is also helpful bc they explain how to part your hair and how to cut it more in detail: https://youtu.be/jCAY7UoMtyM

Hope this helps a bit :D

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