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2 lies, 1 truth

Not sure if this is the correct forum ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Tell me 3 things about yourself, 2 of which are a lie.

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Reply by xXkf100Xx


i shat myself at taco bell

i own a $1350 computer

im homeless

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Reply by pionoplayer


Hmmm... Person above me I'm going to guess... Being homeless is the lie (you probably should not confirm or deny)

I've had a wiki page about me since I was in highschool

I've never tasted tea of any kind

The most money I've ever owned at once is $500

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Reply by xenon


gonna guess that the wiki page is a lie

a part of my lip fell off when I was 4

i fought a door and lost

i like eating lemons

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Reply by arte9__


For the previous person, Imma guess that the last one (they enjoy eating lemons) is a lie. 

-I have 2 skateboards

-I play the flute

-I dislike mushrooms

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Reply by StupidWittleBaby


Hmm... For the last person, imma go with my gut and guess that disliking mushrooms and playing flute are the lies?

Mine are...

I have six fingers on each hand

I have heterochromia

I have snakebite piercings

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Reply by arlo atomickk


For the last person i'm gonna say the 6 finger thing + snakebites were the lies :0

1. I'm related to JFK

2. I once camped out in the desert

3. I drink water with a tiny bit of milk mixed in

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Reply by Rose Moon


I'm going to believe #1 is the truth because I am related to a past president as well!

1. I've read 1,000 books in my life.

2. I have 3 pet birds.

3. I've eaten octopus cheesecake.

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Reply by Trixie


Gonna guess octopus cheesecake is the truth

1. I can recite all dialogue in Cars 2 perfectly.

2. I can name 10 drivers that have driven any specific number in NASCAR.

3. I've been to 34 countries and currently plan to visit 3 or 4 this year.

mew :3

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Reply by ☆𝕮𝖆𝖗𝖔☆


I'm guessing #2 is the truth.

  1. I own chickens.
  2. I'm taken.
  3. I only speak English.

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