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Reply by Matthew


Name: Matthew

Age: 18

Pronouns: He/Him

Favourite music: mcr, fob, cobra starship, waterparks, mother mother, etc,,

Hobbies: music, photograhy, art/drawing

Things you like: ^^ and tv shows/movies

Things you dislike: ableists 

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Reply by lexi/matt


Name: lexi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Age: 14 pls dont flame me lolz.

Pronouns: she/they/he or any i dont rlly care :p

Favourite music: FALL OUT BOY!!!!! AUUUUGHHH cobra starship, my chem, pierce the veil, tx2, weezer, green day, presplit panic at the disco, the young veins

Hobbies: writing poetry, listening to music, drawing, analyzing lyrics (pete wentz poetry LOL)

Things you like: pete wentz, patrick stump, joe trohman, andy hurley, gabe saporta, ryan ross, jon walker, spencer smith, spaghetti, garfield, criminal minds, brooklyn nine-nine, jimmy fallon, andy samberg, saturday night live

Things you dislike: brendon urie LOL 

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