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Where to buy beads in the us?

Posted by Felix


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i cant find any pony beads that arent super expensive! does anyone know where to find ones on the cheaper end in the US.

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Reply by nepeta


hey!! i buy my beads from hobby lobby. they aren’t owned by good people but it’s the only craft store in my town. they have boxes of different colored beads (including transparent beads!!) and bags of beads. the box is around 20 dollars, and the bags are around 3 which is pretty good! they also have star shaped beads, letter beads, and more! they have good string but it’s overpriced and only comes in a small roll. i don’t like supporting them but like i said that’s the only craft store in my town, and buying beads online is kinda expensive xd

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Reply by scenequeen


You could for sure find some at craft stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby. I find beads there or you could even go to the dollar store!! They have great string at times in there craft section, def go for more elastic if so!

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