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How to lucid dream

So I haven't had a lucid dream for a while now! for years actually.

I remember I used to have a dream journal that I had to write in first thing in the morning to stimulate my dream's memory. Also some sort of auto hypnosis before sleeping to make yourself really believe you gonna make a lucid dream. And sometimes it helped.

After that there were techniques to control your lucidity in the dream, coz once we get excited we can easily wake up. Techniques like holding to heavy objects, looking at your hands etc...

Is there any lucid dreamers here ? 

I wanna go back to it and Idk if there's new stuff in the community, new techniques or ways to do it. 

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Reply by miku.exe


i'm pretty much in your boat ^^;

I kept a dream journal for around 3 years a bit ago and I had lucid dreams almost every night. i don't think i did hypnosis, but i would count my fingers randomly throughout the day until it was a habit to do it while asleep too. I also wrote them down in as much detail as i could when i woke up, and i think that was what really helped me with both becoming lucid and having a more immersive experience in my dreams. I also used to have a much better sleep routine beforehand with a very repetitive process that i think helped prepare my brain and body for what i wanted, and got 8-10 hours of sleep most nights, sometimes 12-15 on weekends where i would have multiple dreams in one go.

There's a lot spread around online now about "shifting" which I'm pretty sure is the same thing as lucid dreaming but instead of focusing on finding the natural dreams your brain creates you create a story before hand, write it out physically, and meditate on it.

I still have interesting dreams from time to time, but i miss the zany experiences lucid dreaming :(

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Reply by Laighto


God damn it 12 to 15 hours that must be heavenly haha

Yeah another point I forgot to mention is my messy sleeping schedule.

I didn't have a good sleeping routine for year now, and that really messes up the lucid dreaming thing.

Damn I miss it. 

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