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ACNH banter lollz

I have a lot of thoughts on ACNH, good and bad. I've been playing the game since it came out, and still play it sometimes. I can leave it alone for months and come back and play it like nothing happened. It's a great game! My favorite thing is definitely how customizable and free-range the game is. The other games really struggled with how much you could do in them. Waiting for Tom Nook to sell tools is definitely worse than just being able to buy a new tool whenever you need it. The other games just didn't really have a lot in them. There wasn't much to customize, not a lot to upgrade, ect. The new AC has so much more to do with so many more clothes, furniture and islands to go to. The only criticism I have is how BORING the dialogue between your neighbors!! They have nothing interesting to say! What the old games lacked in things to do made up in dialogue- the characters were really funny. I loved talking to my neighbors because they always had something mean or funny to say. Their comebacks were witty, you can tell the writers put thought into the dialogue. ACNH, while amazing, has really boring dialogue. Your neighbors barely have anything to talk about, limited to only 3 talking points. But, in all, I really love ACNH!! Reply if u wanna play together sometime <3

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