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spare listens for a small artist?

the small artist is me!!! hiii my name is colt and i write all about my experiences and stuff from both this life and my past ones!! check out my spotify & bandcamp or look up colt ryder stone 2 find me elsewhere if you don't use those!

my music has been described as singer-songwriter & anti-folk, it's just me and my guitar, so if tht's your thing pls take some time to check my stuff out!! i wld really appreciate it :3

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Reply by SWH (Punk Jesus)


played a few songs to get a feel for your music. 

What do you use to record? I like the rawness of the vocals, they sound actually human and not digitally corrected to death. Very DIY in a good way.

I will say I'd like to hear the guitar in the mix a little heavier, feeling the resonance of the acoustic body and brightness of the strings.

Here's my spotify link if you're interested in hearing any of my work also :D


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Reply by colt


ooh! thank you!! i've used a couple of different programs to record (most of my songs were done in pro tools first but a few of them were also done in audacity, newer ones since audacity has the option to get rid of bg noise and my pc's fan gets picked up by my mic unfortunately lol) but my mic has been the same the whole time! it's a blue yeti, just a regular blue yeti

i'm not 100% sure how to get the guitar heavier in the mix without drowning out the vocals- but i am actually taking a step toward more music producing stuff and my releases may gravitate toward stuff made in fl studio since i got that recently!! so the guitar might not be part of the mix in some songs soon- but i can tell you my next planned release will be guitar vocal. and i will never, ever put the guitar down forever!

i'll definitely save ur link tho! i love getting out of my same-ten-songs rut where i don't listen to anything new. tysm for the reply!!

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