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favorite fire emblem game?

just curious to hear ppl's favorite games here. :) there's not a lot of members but fire emblem is great n if u see this, u can answer it with ur fave fire emblem game

mine is new mystery of the emblem (fe12) and sacred stones (fe8)! i just really love the archanea saga and fe8 has a very colorful cast!

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Reply by Neri


my favorite fire emblem game is fe9 and 10 (i count them together because i rarely play only one of them) my second favorite is awakening c: loved 3 houses too so thats relatively high up too (couldve used more animal people tho)

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Reply by Bryce


My favorite is Blazing Sword! I’ve only played the Lyn and Eliwood stories but I really like the simplicity of the game (specifically there not being skills). I just wish getting supports was as easy as the newer games

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