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Lets talk food!

Yeah i see the irony, who cares were all obsessed with food in our own way heres some qs

1. If you could eat any food nevermind kals what would it be?

2. What do you say when someone asks what your favourite food is?

3. Whats your favourite food from your country?

4. Do you like to cook or bake?

5. Whats your biggest fear food?

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1. Some cheescake. Its so good its just also so high kal

2. I say i like sweets because in a junko at heart

3. My grandmothers shepards pie, my country doesnt have many specific foods because famine but that shepards pie is so good

4. I am a stress baker so my friends regularly recieve bags of cookies cupcakes anything. Im not much of a chef but i can cook for myself

5. Ice cream sundays. Just seeing them makes me nauseus

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