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do you need to put forth effort to be gal, or is gal just a mindset?

Posted by shay


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hey guys, i stayed home from school today and due to that i'm insanely bored

as a result, i've decided to post this forum topic.

what do you guys think about the whole "gal is mind" mindset and why?

do you think that to pass as gyaru you'd need to be putting forth effort into the subculture or does you having the mindset by itself already make it enough?

i personally believe you need to put forth effort if you're gaijin (non-japanese). my reason being is that nihonjin, or japanese gyaru can automatically pass as gyaru since gyarugo is only spoken in japanese. any japanese person who hears gyarugo will think, "hey this person is gyaru!". of course, most will visually pass as gyaru as well because of their style and hair of choice. however, this is a different case with gaijin gyaru. because of the fact that some gaijin gyaru do not speak japanese and also the fact that gyaru has well-evolved past gyarugo, i believe it is important that non-japanese gyaru put forth the effort into looking the part. how can you tell if someone is gyaru from a first glance if they do not use or are not using gyarugo? especially in japan, say a gaijin gyaru was to visit japan, knowing nothing of japanese. sure, you may have the gal mindset, but i guarantee you that no japanese person will consider you gyaru if you neither use the slang nor look the part. 

like i said, this is my personal opinion, but i'd like to see other perspectives because i know that the evolution of gyaru has caused its meaning to vary from person-to-person.

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Reply by Mari


I agree with your opinion, it's quite hard for new gaijin gal to be accepted in the community just because they are not seen as gal enough from certain people so i think that's where gal is mind comes into play for us. You do have to put effort into your look but you also need the mindset otherwise it's just a fashion trend.

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Reply by S0UL4NN


i think the mindset is VERY important, but as a gaijin gyaru i am going to put in the effort with my make and hair especially so i can pass as a gal. 

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