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Anyone else with great ideas ?

I have been seeing so many great ideas inside my head.

It's crazy, because I can't do what I think..I can only think it. 
If that makes sense..
I need a partner with passion to want to make or crate something. I have so many awesome ideas. So many cartoon ideas..song lyrics..songs ideas. I just can't make it happen. I don't have the money, or the ability too. 
I hate the position I'm in. But yeah, is anyone else like me ? 
Idk, iguess I'm over thinking. 
My soul tells me I am good for some different change in the world..but my body says FUCK NO. LOL 

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Reply by Ben


Everyone has tons of ideas. There's no shortage of that.

The trick is to pick one and execute it. The more often you do that, the easier it becomes.

So start making your ideas into actual things. Even if it turns out awful, you still made progress.

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Reply by Hectropolis


Pick one -- go for it.. 

Pick one that you think you can make grow.

Most of our ideas will die with us.. Most of our ideas will never be heard and no one will benefit from them.
Choose one that you think is worth while, that you think is achievable, that you think you can do (or not) -- but that you're willing to pursue.

Write them down - what are they?
Focus your energy.

otherwise you'll wake up 40 years later saying "i thought of that" but never materialized.

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Reply by Kindness Queen


everyone has hopes and dreams not bad ones good ones pick one get it done do another one im a kindness activist trust me i know

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Reply by AuroraPomme


Honestly everyone in the world has million dollar ideas popping into their minds everyday. The trick is to go ahead an make somethig out of one of those ideas. For me, I saw a shortage of educated people when it came to real estate in the Bakersfield area so I made guides on buying a house in 2023. It worked like a charm for me. Hopefully you are able to execute one of your brilliant ideas as well.

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