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Sleep well my dearest ...

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"Sleep Well My Dearest" ...

*The morality toward* “To those lives lived for (in place ahead of) those souls taken from” -Should set the standard in sentiment ...Death can be more rumoured about than is realised by the living and can also be romanticised to the merriment of each mourner at the grave-side. Securing a solace in the spirit of their survivors and in the putting to rest in a dignifying display of the deceased, but with the sobering scent of decadence in death (while) -during ones own daunting decomposition. With each wooden wall containing the decaying corpse within, as to conceal her rather “rotted remains” from universal upset. Can the nature of her necrosis "unnerve" those in chosen ignorance to this grim finding, and of whom can, instead adopt the comforting innocence in place to this rather macrabre conclusion that we're all facing together ?! ...We are of it’s condition in life and, of the continuation of death ..."Sleep well my dearest" ...

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This is beautiful 

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